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This booklet was lovingly created by a community of authors, editors, designers, artists and other contributors. Some of this material was remixed from existing sources, while other works were created especially for this booklet. To contact us, please write to

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Editing: Aki Imai, Becca Shaw Glaser, M. Osborn, Rachel Liebert, Cal Moen

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Notes and Attributions:
“Coping Skills in Times of Stress” was adapted from M. Osborn’s Coping Skills zine, written for The Icarus Project.

“First Aid for Emotional Trauma” was adapted from Will Hall’s flyer with the same name.

Psych First Aid Training—Occupy 2011, by North Star Health Collective (originally developed for RNC protests in 2008)

And a very special thanks to everyone involved on the mailman/listinfo/occupymentalhealth for your participation, support, and encouragement.

Occupy Mental Health Project: Aki Imai, batushkad, Becca Shaw Glaser, benjahwbc, bob, bryhresboyz, Cal Moen, carolt, crystal.hatfield, Danielle Demos, dashcom, emiko_yo, Eric Stiens, fuerzagoddess, Gaije, gbacque, ginajanwatson, harjitgill, jase.anton, Jonah Bossewitch, josuecardona, lisabfreedman, malainajean, Maryse Mitchell-Brody, M. Osborn, Mind(ful) Liberation Project, mj.allen.newcomb, David Oaks, Rachel Anderson, Rachel Liebert, raheluisa, reesedobbins, reysapo, robinsmurov, Sarah Harper (, www.myspace. com/rockharper), sandra, Sascha DuBrul, ssoldz, tbranelli, thatsjodi, theodor.arnason, trissypissy, willisa

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