We have successfully surpassed our Kickstarter goals. Thanks to all of our supporters for their generous donations!

The funds raised will be applied to environmentally conscious printing and shipping costs. We hope to print over 1k copies of the zine, and will apply all overage to additional copies. They will be distributed free of charge, where needed. Contact us if you need to coordinate a printing.

There is an urgent need to talk publicly about the relationship between social injustice and our mental health. We need to start redefining what it actually means to be mentally healthy, not just on an individual level, but on collective, communal, and global levels.

A group of us who have years of experience practicing peer-based community mental health support, got together to compile a manual for organizers and participants in the occupy movement.

Its aim is to stimulate discussion, raise awareness, provide support, contribute to maintaining a more sustainable movement, and lay the foundation for the next stage of the movement.

We’re hoping to distribute this guide far and wide.

Mindful Occupation: Rising Up w/out Burning Out will be released under a Creative Commons license and distributed digitally. But we need your help to create an initial print run, since print remains an important channel of distribution within the Occupy movement.

We believe that the materials we have assembled in this guide have a long shelf-life beyond #occupy and are desperately needed by protesters from Cairo to Poland and beyond.